Two Excuses For Not Buying PLR

dailytradingsystemWhen choosing products to buy, a lot of marketers
avoid PLR. It usually comes down to two reasons:

First – a lot of people are lazy. They look at PLR and
see work. They know they need to set up the sales
page, they need to upload everything to their website.

After that, they need traffic… they look at that and think
that it is going to take a lot of work to get traffic so that
they can sell the product.

The second reason is that people think that there will
be too much competition. After all, thousands of people
are buying these PLR products. Aren’t all of them going
to be competing to sell this same product?

My answer, of course is to tell them that PLR IS a solution
for the first reason.

For instance, the 25k Firesale I have been telling you about
is a complete membership site that people have already
paid $247 a month to access. You can take a look at it

I mean, all the 156 video s have been recorded FOR you.

All of the modules are already done. All you have to do
is upload and get traffic… compare that to how much work
you would have to do if you were to create a course like
this on your own (just the 156 videos would take a long

And for the second reason, I tell them to look at the first
reason. People buy PLR and have every intention of using
it… but they get lazy. They soon forget about it. Now their
PLR is gathering digital dust.

Why not buy it and then TAKE ACTION! 

That is the solution for both reasons, really. By purchasing
a high quality PLR product like this and then taking action
and getting it out there for sale, you are ahead of 80% of
the people who are buying PLR.

And, considering that everyone has a different circle of
influence, it is rare that you and another marketer are
going to be selling to the same people.

So take advantage of this real bargain:

The page will come down on the 28th, so do not let
this SHORTCUT to the success you have been
chasing after to get away!

If you have any questions or need help with the
taking action part after you have purchased, get
with me, I will gladly help you with any questions
you may have.

So get the 25k Firesale before it expires:

You will be glad you did.

Talk soon,

Micheal Savoie

PS – Remember, your solution to both reasons why
people don’t buy PLR is by purchasing the PLR and
then taking action on it… 

Make it happen!

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