Making CD Cases and Book Covers Just Got Easier With These Photoshop Scripts

Amazing Photoshop Scripts

Your product cover is the first look that many prospects get of your product. If it looks like it was done by your 4 year old, chances are they will think your product was done by a four year old, too.

Getting professional book and product covers used to cost more than the cost of Photoshop… but now, with the advent of monthly pricing for the Adobe Creative Suite, you can afford to make your own covers with these amazing action scripts!


Scripts like these are made to take your input on what you want on your cover or MP3 player in this example. The script creates the area where you will be adding your text and images. The guides show you where you can add elements that will show up on the finished product.

You tell the script you are finished adding elements, and the script takes over your Photoshop for a couple minutes. The end result is a masterpiece, with amazing detail to make your prospects believe they are actually seeing your product and not just an image of one.

Give Amazing Photoshop Scripts A Try!

These scripts will totally excite you with the ease and simplicity of the interface, and how beautiful your creations come out! You could easily pay someone more than the price of all of these scripts. Or you could buy these Photoshop Action Scripts and start making your own (or make some for others and make your investment back).

Grab these Amazing Photoshop Action Scripts here:

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